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A BvL Shear grab is making a massive difference for these dairy farmers in the Waikato. Brad & Rex Payne have a dairy farm in Monavale, just west of Cambridge, on a 200ha block milking 500 cows. They have fed 350 tonnes of grass silage and 850 tonnes of maize silage in the past year. Before purchasing a shear grab, Brad was concerned how hard it was on the tractor, maneuvering silage out with his silage fork and was finding it time consuming trying to push the feed down with the bucket or silage grab to maintain a compressed stack face. testimonial1.png

First impression when Brad saw a shear grab was, “This tool will minimize my wastage and speed up the feeding process. We are loading the silage with a Massey Ferguson 5465,” Payne says; “I now just simply drive into the stack and work the third service on my tractor, and the shear grab cuts a full bite of silage.”


After taking ownership of the shear grab, Brad commented that “It’s made a massive difference. Instead of smelling secondary fermentation at the stack face there is now a nice sweet smell from the silage and I have found the silage is more palatable for the cows resulting in less grass silage left in the concrete troughs."

Before I had the shear grab, I used to remove around three tonnes of wasted grass silage every two weeks out of the troughs; this was the spoiled silage that the cows wouldn’t eat, now I only have to clean out the trough every 12 weeks as the cows are cleaning almost all of it up!”

As a result of purchasing a BvL shear grab Payne says he “wouldn’t farm without one”.


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